Conoce el Gigante

Un gran descanso a precios pequeños

Un buen descanso es fundamental para el bienestar físico y mental. En Gigante del Colchón te ofrecemos una gran cantidad de soluciones y productos asequibles para ayudarte a dormir y descansar de una forma adecuada

Our Company

We are a company with more than 20 years in the rest business in Spain. Our long experience and a commercial team of specialized professionals guarantee the quality of our service and the rigor in our selection of products.

In Spain we currently have 49 points of sale, distributed by the main Catalan towns, in Madrid and Valencia. We also have 24/7 our online store

Our main values are:

  • Value for money: offer a great break at affordable prices. Our strength is the price
  • Integrity: we are transparent in our way of acting and operating.
  • Responsibility: with our customers and employees and with the environment.
  • Diversity and innovation: we have a wide range of technologies, products and brands.


Gigante del Colchón is part of the Group Beterbed Holding NV, headquartered in the Netherlands. At European level we have more than 1.200 stores, becoming the best rest specialists because of the wide experience we have in the market.


Our bed products:

  • Mattresses: pocket springs mattresses, latex mattresses etc
  • Bed bases: electric adjustable beds, flat bed bases, anually adjustable bed bases
  • Pillows
  • Textile: mattress cover, duvet fill


Nothing inspires and motivates us more than ensuring that all our customers can sleep soundly and comfortably at an affordable price.

Welcome to Gigante del Colchón

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